Brace Yourself

This is bigger than Trump vs Biden. This is bigger than Republicans vs Democrats. This is bigger than a fair vs stolen election. This is bigger than right vs left…This is the awakening being put into activation.

Our world and our reality has been governed by an evil entity (the cabal) for thousands upon thousands of years. As a collective we have been ruled by the emotion of fear in every facet and faction of life. It has been used to keep us in line, keep our heads down, keep us from asking too many questions, keep us from revolting and ultimately keeping us from utilizing our God given self-sustaining powers.

There has been a war waging within medicine, politics, media, religion, government, global currency and many other areas for an extremely long time. Year after year, decade after decade, century after century there hasn’t been a way to show people the wrong doings until the emergence of social media & smart phones. Here we are today with access to information at the speed of light. This has accidently worked to our advantage and has become a master tool used for exposure and disclosure.

Here we sit, on the backend of the most volatile election and election result in human history. The difference this time is that it now effects more than just the United States…planet Earth as a whole is unanimously involved.

We need change. We need improvement. We need an expansion of consciousness. We need love, light and prosperity to become the guiding forces within every aspect of our human experience. Is this moment the official time of reckoning? Are we finally awakening and detaching ourselves from the “Hive Mentality” and beginning to question EVERYTHING? The beautiful answer is…YES!

So please, brace yourself for impact. Brace yourself for chaos. Brace yourself for extreme confusion. Brace yourself for high ranking global arrests. Brace yourself for blackouts. Brace yourself for full exposure.

As a collective, we are stepping into “New Earth” where skin color, religion, political affiliations, sexual preference, gender and nationality become irrelevant. Consciousness rises and human existence becomes blissful.

This is the single greatest time to be alive…welcome to the light!

Written by: Adam RANADA Ranville

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