Adam is an amazing gifted leader. He has shown the ability to become a powerful speaker that articulates and resonates a clear well thought out message to his audience. He has mastered and shown to create meaningful relationships with those he partners with.” – Michael Ray (CEO/Founder: Smile Project Louisville) 

Adam is easily one of the best at providing an inspiring and informative message. When he speaks, I listen. Makes me think no matter what the topic is!” – Kimberly Hambrick (Founder: Hambrick Consulting)

I’ve been a part of and seen a lot of incredible speakers like Les Brown, Brian Tracey, Tony Robbins and so many more, and Adam was on par with all of them!!!” – Vito Terracciano (CEO/Founder: Arteva & Arterra)

We worked with Adam to put on our first ever event at our new facility and we were so happy that we did. Adam delivered an incredible, educational and high energy presentation for our group. Not only was the impact immediately felt in our group, Adam has continued to stay in touch and help motivate our team and attendees. I highly recommend reaching out to Adam if you are considering bringing in a speaker for an event or for your team!” – Brandon Still (CEO/Founder: Main Street Mi)

I met Adam at one of his live events and he is a consummate professional. His presentation on leadership and sales was impactful for the entire audience and I walked away with several new techniques. The techniques were implemented within my business immediately, and that has helped turn more contacts into customers. I would strongly recommend bringing Adam in for your next sales meeting with your team!” – Daniel Zykaj (Former President of The Entrepreneurs Network)

“Adam is an exceptional speaker in every sense of the word. We adored the powerful inspirational message that he delivered to our entire team. We want him to come back once per year” – Sally Witt (Howell Downtown Development Authority)

“I had never seen Adam speak before, but I trusted his company and had him present to my staff and agents anyway…I was extremely pleased with his energy level, delivery and professional content. We learned a lot in just 1 hour. Highly recommended.” – Chet Hill (Broker/Owner: RE/MAX Real Estate)

“Adam brought tremendous energy to our organization and dinner talks every time he presented to an audience. His passion for what he does is what helped him connect to the people he was talking to in an authentic way. He was even able to convince his own father at one of the shows to join our program in order to reverse his diabetic condition.” – Dr. Lisa Sullivan (CEO/Founder: Puro Health & Wellness)

“This was an absolutely amazing/powerful seminar that delivered much needed content to my agents and to myself. He split his 1 hour time frame into two different 30 minute segments. The first portion gave us new insight on how to connect to a client and create comfort during the first face to face meeting. The second portion focused on emotion, spirituality and daily motivation. This was awesome!” – Marcy Soufrine (Broker/Owner: Keller Williams Realty)

“We found Adam online through one of his amazing videos. We reached out to him in hopes of using him for a start of the year “kick-off” event and were successful in doing so. This was a great way for our staff, teachers, aids and other professors to begin the new school year! It was highly motivational, humorous and emotional. Overall we were highly pleased with everything he presented. Great speaker, highly recommended!” – Joslyn Marinelli (Director of Development at The University of Michigan)

“He came on board the team with a passion and a vision that was unmatched. Even though we didn’t partner long, his material was extremely helpful for us growing as a successful talent agency. His unique style and unique material will absolutely take him to the top and propel his career.” – Bryan N. Davis (Regional Manager of Launch Showcase)

“Extremely articulate young man and absolutely amazing Speaker. I came to this show to learn new ways for promoting my Holistic Medicine practice and ended up falling in love with the Speaker instead. Highly recommended!” – Dr. Maria Bennet-Williams (N.D. at American Association of Naturopathic Physicians)

“My best friend and I majored in Communications at Oakland University and we attended this conference in search of meeting business professionals. The best part was hearing a brand new take on life and reality in general from someone that is our age and easy to relate to. We would recommend Adam to any University in the country!” – Erika Rowe (Oakland University Student)

“I served in the United States Army. I was poisoned with a toxic chemical while deployed. I have lived with multiple health conditions the majority of my life and the pain (mental/physical) is a regular part of my day. Hearing what I heard today was 60 minutes of material that I wish I heard in my early years because it would of made life much easier because I would have viewed it with a completely different mindset.” – James Robinson (New York Life)

“I do believe he has a good message……I do believe in what he says about sharing your gift or talent because it might just save a life. I’ve had numerous people contact me about his videos online and want us to spread this message further. We are trying to get it out! It is important!” – Tammy Ann Chamelin (Northwood University)

“This show was truly a blessing. I learned 8 new ideas and concepts today that I will be able to put into daily use immediately! Most seminars about finances & business building are nothing more than a large sales pitch. This seminar was not that! Highly recommended!” – Sharon Gittleman (Branch Owner: Farmers Insurance)