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Welcome to the “Skills School” weekly blog! Each week Adam will present a new post that offers a tactical tip or idea designed to improve your day to day actions. Make sure to follow us! Thank You & Enjoy.

Brace Yourself

This is bigger than Trump vs Biden. This is bigger than Republicans vs Democrats. This is bigger than a fair vs stolen election. This is bigger than right vs left…This is the awakening being put into activation. Our world and our reality has been governed by an evil entity (the cabal) for thousands upon thousands … Continue reading Brace Yourself

The First 90 Minutes

WELCOME to 2021! It’s a new year, which means new actions are necessary. In order to create new actions, you first need a new mindset. Escape everything you did last year and detach from all of the routines and habits that were formed. Win each day, then put that new habit on repeat! Here is … Continue reading The First 90 Minutes