Money Is Your Servant

Our mind is a magnet. Our thoughts power that magnet and give it strength.

So, create the money magnet. If you say it, you will see it. If you see it, you will live it. If you live it, you will teach it. If you teach it, you will learn it twice.

This is how generational wisdom and wealth are created. But it starts within each of us first. So it’s important to audit your mindset when it comes to your finances.

What words do you say to yourself when it comes to money and wealth? Are you desperate for a paycheck? Are you only happy on Friday when the direct deposit comes in? Is money your master? Are you a slave to your debt or yearly salary?

This is the fastest and best way to stay broke. It’s the best mindset to have if you want to remain living check to check.

You need an interruption that helps you create a different relationship with wealth, cash and currency.

That interruption is called power. Taking back the power of money by becoming IT’S master. Existing the fictional prison that money has held us in for thousands of years.

The way you take that power back is by removing the unconscious layer of desperation that controls you. NEVER chase money. The more you chase money, the faster it runs away. The faster it runs away, the harder you chase it….and the loop will continue to repeat itself daily leaving you as a servant to your money.


Written By: Adam RANADA Ranville

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