Small Wins on Social Media


▪️Each of us is aware of what a digital sales pitch is. Each of us is aware of what a profile page is.

▪️Most of us, have absolutely no idea which one is more powerful and more useful.

▪️In 2021, an ad or a post promoting a product/service has a “scroll by” percentage of 64%. Which means 6.4 out of 10 people will give absolutely no energy, attention or emotion to it, making it completely useless and a waste of money.

▪️In 2021, a post that is genuine, humorous, motivational or educational with no pitch or call to action requiring a purchase, has an average engagement percentage of 93.6% (up or down depending on platform/algorithm). ALSO, this type of post has the highest conversion rate due to online content consumers CLICKING AND VIEWING THE CREATORS PROFILE BY CHOICE!!!

▪️Why is this important for you if your business, product, service or brand is digital???

▪️Read the post again….pay close attention to where the “win” is at….then when you figure it out…start doing it.

Written By: Adam RANADA Ranville

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