7 Day Tactical To-Do List

We are being assaulted with negative information at light speed. The media is purposely making a terrible situation worse by throwing breaking news in our face each day to increase the level of fear within our minds and hearts. We MUST counteract this negativity. That can begin by creating a list of daily activities that will help anchor you into focus and peace.


Start on a Monday each time and work through the entire week.
1st week, do 1 of these activities per day.
2nd week, do 3 of these activities per day.
3rd week, do 5 of these activities per day.
4th week, do all 7 of these activities per day.

Daily Activities:

1. Spiritual
Establish the tone of your week properly. Physically activate the mindset of gratitude and thankfulness. Write down the 10 blessings that you are most thankful for. If you get challenged during the day, take out the 10 blessings that you wrote down and read them over 3x. It will bring you back to state of mindfulness and a place of conscious gratitude.

2. Mental
Transition every negative thought from emotional thinking to accurate thinking. Draw attention to each emotion within that thought. Ask yourself this question: Is this in my best interest to think this way? Then allow yourself a neutral moment to receive an answer. You will gain non-bias clarity in each situation while practicing this technique. This will help you to get away from emotional based responses that end up causing even more harm.

3. Physical
Set aside at least 30 minutes per day for physical activity and increase your blood flow. Increase your oxygen levels because oxygen is a natural steroid and will dramatically improve all bodily functions. Get your body moving! You can use a stationary bike, treadmill, stair climber, free weights, machine weights or cable weights. If you can’t make it to a gym, use your own body weight combined with resistance bands.

4. Environmental
Every day go outside and simply stand in the world. Walk through nature or just sit in it. Acknowledge every living entity. Acknowledge the life that’s all around you: the animals, insects, flowers, grass, trees, the wind and the sun. Acknowledge the life that you are physically able to see and touch in order to combat the death that we are experiencing.

5. Emotional
Start engaging in activities that create joy and happiness without regret. Allow yourself to read that book, listen to that song, watch that movie, eat that unhealthy food (not too much!) Do an arts and crafts project. Something that allows you joy and connects you to an emotional, fun activity without the worry of being judged or falling behind in your professional life.

6. Social
Connect with a random stranger and/or reconnect with a family member or friend. Meet face to face in a private setting so the conversation can be authentic and intimate without the need to edit yourself. Or…reconnect over Skype, Facetime, phone call, text or email if the person is too far away.

7. Silence
Remove all electronics, cell phones, TV, radio & computers. Allow 60 minutes of uninterrupted meditation with yourself and listen to the message that God and the Universe are trying to tell you.

Written by: Adam RANADA Ranville

2 thoughts on “7 Day Tactical To-Do List”

  1. This is truly helpful. These steps are all so vital, yet it is so easy to take them for granted. I will share this post with some folks I know. I am glad I stopped by. Will you write more on these topics to expand each one of them>

    Liked by 2 people

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