Exhale Into Sleep

“I’ll sleep when I die.”

This statement has been said by thousands of hard working people. Unfortunately, it’s a terrible mindset to have because sleep is the single most important activity for our body and mind.

The reason most people wake up unrested is because the quality of their sleep is poor. Poor sleep quality comes from a number of things, but the most important reason rarely ever gets discussed.

That reason is the amount of stress and anxiety that does not get released from our minds right before we fall asleep. Troubling and anxious thoughts keep our mind moving and racing while our body is trying to shut down and rest.

How do you counteract this issue? By releasing the 5 most worrisome thoughts you have right before sleeping.

Here is the technique:

Take a deep inhale, hold it at the top of your lung capacity, then slowly exhale and as you are exhaling out the breath say this line…” I release off my mind the stress of (fill in the blank) and I allow it to enter the universe and dissolve.”

You will repeat this process 5 times and each time you will fill in the blank with a different thought or issue that has been causing anxiety and tension.

As you exhale out the worrisome thought, envision a different color and associate it to each exhale. Then allow that breath to contain the color and worry as you breathe out and release. By adding a color to each exhale, it will will dramatically help connect the thought to the action of release.

As you breathe out each worry, allow you body to melt 1 layer deeper into the mattress per exhale.

This works best while already laying in bed, lights off, eyes closed and your head on the pillow in the physical position that you sleep best in.

Rest is the most important component for our mind and our body. You deserve to end the day with complete and total peace both mentally and physically. After all, you cant fix tomorrow’s problems while laying in bed tonight.

Written by: Adam RANADA Ranville

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