2020 The Year We Asked For

2020 was NOT a lost year!
2020 was NOT a huge failure!
2020 was NOT a complete disaster!

This is the moment in time that human beings have needed for thousands of years. This is the moment in time that people secretly hoped would happen so they could simply just stop without having harsh regret. A global reset on almost EVERYTHING all at once. This was a vacation from robotic mundane routines we allowed ourselves to be placed in.

If you were failing in marriage or parenthood, you were sent home to get the most important aspects of your personal life corrected because you were given the necessary time to do so.

If you were absolutely miserable to your core at work, you were let go for a reason. Now you have the blessing of creating a business that caters to your true passion OR the necessary time to find a company offering a much improved work experience.

If you were begging and praying for a break and a chance to just “sit for a minute” so your body could heal properly, you were granted that wish. This year was NECESSARY on all levels both personally and professionally.

DO NOT overlook the reset we were all given. All the evil conspiracies set aside, all the deaths set aside…there is beauty in what we experienced in 2020. We were all apart of the biggest cutting edge restructuring known to mankind. No matter how you view it, this year was still part of the human experience.

So be grateful, because making it to the end of this year was the ultimate win!

Written by: Adam RANADA Ranville

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